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Proudly Serving Calgary & Surrounding Areas

Tutor Doctor Calgary

Proudly Serving Calgary & Surrounding Areas

About Us

Tutor Doctor is an international corporation that provides differentiated services to enable students to reach their dreams. It does this through a unique service based offer that includes one-on-one in home tutoring services to students of any age looking to obtain help in their desired subject. At the same time Tutor Doctor strives to make a difference in the communities that it operates in by being an active community member.

At Tutor Doctor our values provide the framework which will support the accomplishment of this great vision. Our values are a reflection of who we are, not just who we want to be.

  • Our People – We believe in the unlimited potential of the individual and the unstoppable power of a team united behind an idea whose time has come. We believe that none of us are as smart as all of us and as we support each other we all become stronger. We strive to foster relationships of mutual respect and integrity, and we value the strengths and contributions of every individual.
  • Education and Personal Growth – We approach the world with a determined curiosity, not just looking for new answers, but also for new questions. We believe that to continually improve our performance and our results we must continue to grow personally and professionally. We continually examine ourselves to identify new opportunities for improvement and growth.
  • Making a Difference – We acknowledge that this opportunity is an awesome responsibility and privilege. We believe that our success should be measured not just by whether we made a profit but also by whether we made a difference. From changing the lives of students and their families through the impact of our tutoring services, to changing the lives of the less fortunate through our Outreach Program, we believe that each committed person within one committed company can truly make a difference.
  • Commitment to Innovation – We strive to continually see things not just as they are, but rather as they can be. We believe that as leaders and trail blazers in a rapidly developing industry, we must continue to reinvent ourselves. We believe that it is better to test new ideas and sometimes fail than it is to rely on old ideas. We know that the well trodden path leads only to the past and not the future.

Current Offering

Tutor Doctor is currently offering a FREE no-obligation professional consultation to all interested clients. This provides a detailed evaluation of the student’s strengths and challenges. We use this to pinpoint each student’s grade and age performance, allowing us to ascertain their current academic position. This consultation will also help us understand the student’s challenges, so that we can develop the right approach to help them succeed. Additionally, Tutor Doctor uses this information to monitor each student’s progress along the way.

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