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Proudly Serving Calgary & Surrounding Areas

Education Consultant Profile – Danielle Coulter

Danielle spent much of her young life moving around the world with her family. She realized early on that an ‘education’ came in many forms including: school, coaching by others, traveling as well as expected and unexpected change. She went on to become a professional engineer, a traveler, a teacher and a mentor for over 30 years.

Life long learning is one of her passions and she believes it is the key to individual personal success. She believes that being successful in our early learning experiences has a tremendous influence on our confidence and desire to tackle new challenges and opportunities. Her goal is to offer a positive and supportive learning environment to help you love learning, achieve your aspirations and be the best you can be!

Visit Danielle’s Tutor Doctor website: www.hometutorscalgary.com

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