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Proudly Serving Calgary & Surrounding Areas

Tutor Doctor Calgary

Proudly Serving Calgary & Surrounding Areas

Our Difference

Tutor Doctor is a service based business that uses several means to differentiate itself from its competitors. These advantages are listed below:

  • One-on-one tutoring – this ensures that each student gets dedicated attention that can focus in on their specific needs while tailoring the program to their individual learning style. This style is preferred by the tutors, who understand it is the most effective means to teach and is appreciated by the student, who is not forced to share more time with other students.
  • Making house calls – right from the free in home consultation to the regularly scheduled in home tutoring sessions the Tutor Doctor model ensures maximum value to customers. This is favorable to families that already lead hectic and busy lives while also ensuring the student does not have to fear that their classmate might see them entering a learning center.
  • Focus on making a difference – the social conscience and genuine concern for the betterment of students, their families and the communities.

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